Belper, A World Heritage Town

This week I was fortunate enough to spend a couple nights in Belper, located on the River Derwent just north of Derby. Belper is part of the Derwent valley mills world heritage area, and also where groundbreaking skyscraper technology was first developed, which is still in use today.

Most of the original buildings are still intact and used for various functions, including the East and North mills, which are credited with helping with the start the industrial revolution and creating the worlds first cotton spinning town, although are not used for manufacturing anymore. The mills are situated on the banks of the River Derwent and are powered by turbines in the weir just outside.

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Belper is a fantastic town to stay. I spent most my time when not at work, wandering the cobble streets, looking round the independent shops, like the butchers and bakers and quirky shops. It was nice to not see rows and rows of big name shops everywhere so I made the most of that. The town is surrounded by farmland, each field separated from the next with flagstone walls, filled with sheep and cows, which was a pleasure to wander around.

Hopefully my photos did it justice, and if your ever in the area, have a wander around.


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